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Course Design Blueprint

Employability, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Skills

The work in this area has been developed in collaboration with the Skills Builder Partnership and refers explicitly to their Framework. In developing this work, we have worked with the Skills Builder Partnership to map our Graduate attributes to their Framework so that we can understand the skills underpinning each of the attributes.


Image presenting the Suffolk Graduate Attributes

Suffolk Graduate Attributes


Each of the attributes has been mapped to a skill as defined through the Skills Builder Framework.


Attribute: Creative and Critical

This is about the use of imagination and the generation of new ideas. It is the complement to Problem Solving, and is about generating innovations or ideas that can then be honed through the problem solving process.


Attribute: Resilient and Adaptive

This skill is all about individuals being equipped to manage their emotions effectively and being able to remain motivated, and ultimately to motivate others, even when facing setbacks.


Attribute: Self Aware and Self Organised

This skill is about being able to plan effectively - both to achieve organisational goals, and also to set their own personal development targets. Initially, this is about knowing when something is too difficult, and having a sense of what doing well looks like for an individual.


Attribute: Confident to Share and Lead

This skill is all about being able to effectively receive information - whether it comes from customers, colleagues or stakeholders.

This skill is all about how to communicate effectively with others, being mindful of whether they are talking to customers, colleagues or other stakeholders and in different settings.
This skill is relevant not only for individuals in positions of management with formal power, but also for individuals working with peers in teams.


Attribute: Collaboration

This skill applies to working within both formal and informal teams, and also with customers, clients or other stakeholders. Initially, this is about individuals fulfilling expectations around being positive, behaving appropriately, being timely and reliable and taking responsibility. This extends to understanding and respecting diversity of others' cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.


Attribute: Research and Digitally Literate

This skill focuses on how to solve problems, recognising that while part of Problem Solving is technical know-how and experience, there are also transferable tools that individuals can develop and use.