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Course Design Blueprint

In this section we explore the subject specific skills integral for supporting progression on the course and attributes required for students on the next step on their learning or career journey. 

Course teams need to ensure that these skills and attributes are mapped into planned learning experiences, enabling students to learn, practice and develop personal confidence in their ability to employ each of them.

How do we plan and map subject specific skills and attributes? 

Careful and explicit consideration needs to be given to where and when there will be opportunities to practice specific skills incrementally throughout the course. Follow the principles below whilst 'mapping-out' skills and attributes. 

  1. It is essential that skills are introduced in context so that their application to pertinent scenarios or in resolving authentic problems grounds and enriches the students' understanding of their purpose and effective use.
  2. All skill delivery should ensure students are equipped to make informed and critical judgements on their suitability and applicability within a range of contexts and situations.
  3. Students should be able to access further support to enable them to develop and refine their skill development beyond the basic level of application.
  4. Students need to be equipped to be able to make effective judgements on their ability to apply each skill.  
  5. For attributes such as resilience, creativity and collaborative, course teams should recognise the time that these need to evolve, and the prompts that students need to help them recognise this development, and to identify opportunities for further development.
  6. Where skills are to be employed in summative assessment, this should be preceded with sufficient learning activity and formative opportunities to enable the students to have gained confidence in their abilities.