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Course Design Blueprint

Course currency and demand

Course currency is a key driver for the sustainability of your programme and is highly likely to be one of the measures of excellence being considered as part of the the revised TEF. Testing the currency of your course can be achieved through active engagement with many of the areas of guidance already covered in this blueprint. These include:

Gauging currency
Student voice Past, present students will be able to help you gauge the currency of your programme. Alumni of your course will be able to explain how the course set up them up for the careers they have progressed into, and where there were haps that could be filled. Conversations with future students will help you understand how they perceive your course compared to others they might be looking at. 
Recruitment  What are your recruitment numbers looking like? If recruitment is failing, why is this? It might be time to revisit the content and delivery of successful programmes and consider why they are successful and yours isn't. 
Proactive benchmarking Conducting an iterative cycle of benchmarking of your course against other new courses being offered across the country can be a helpful way of making sure you are in line or of making sure that the differences in your course and the rationale for them still stand.