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Course Design Blueprint

Estates Strategy and Teaching Spaces

The overall vision of the Estates Directorate is to provide the University with an estate that is not only fit for purpose but also, an estate that makes Suffolk the choice for students. A strategy that not only builds upon what we have but to enhance student life experience. Our Estates Strategy will fulfil our overall vision and provide us with a state of act estate and campus. The investment over the years has allowed us to create an environment that allows freedom to learn. Our future strategy will be just as ambitious, and our development programme will embrace current areas of specialism as well as our local community and business partnerships. We will not just limit our imagination to our buildings of learning but to the student accommodation, green spaces and opportunities that will enhance the overall experience. 

Historically, emphasis had been concentrated towards development rather than maintenance. The new direction, while still providing a comprehensive development plan and service, we will concentrate on backlog maintenance, Statutory compliance and starting to address aspects of the estate that are adversely affecting student satisfaction feedback. In order to develop effective estates solutions moving forward, a definitive specification. The estates strategy will be based on a vision and will show a journey over the next ten years. To ensure that all the above can be developed and taken forward.