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Course Design Blueprint


The Course Design Matrix

The Course Design Matrix should be used during the early stages of course design to shape and focus course design event activity. Revisiting the Matrix throughout the course design process will be a useful activity for helping the course team and CELT colleagues monitor progress made with course design. Exemplary practice will be identified during the design process.

Design features

  • The tool encourages the course team to reflect upon their course design needs by responding to a series of statements linked to the Course Design Blueprint.
  • The ‘Programme Team Statements’ reflection statements from the Inclusive Education Framework have been interwoven into the matrix.
  • A rubric encourages self-evaluation against four defined progress levels:
  • The responses will help the Course Team and CELT colleagues identify best practice, recognise training needs, and ‘home-in’ on the areas which require development throughout the design process.

A copy will be sent to the Learning Designers, Head of Subject, and Associate Dean. The self-evaluation will help the Course Team identify which themes they need to focus on during the early design phase, and this will inform facilitation of the Stage 2 ‘Storyboarding’ and ‘Intentional Design’ activities.


The Course Planning Mapping Tool

The course planning Mapping Tool should be used at stage 1 of the course design process alongside the Course Design Matrix to establish an early vision of course structure which will be developed further in collaboration with the Learning Design team on the Course Design Day through the 'Storyboarding' and 'Intentional Design' activities. It is essential that this document is completed and shared with the Head of Subject, Associate Dean, and Learning Designers at least a week prior to the Course Design Day.