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Course Design Blueprint


The National Student Survey (NSS) and Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes  Framework (TEF) are two measure used by the Office for Students (OFS) to assess excellence in teaching at universities.


The TEF is an assessment at provider level, meaning that the University will be given a single award based on the quality and impact of all provision at undergraduate level. The OFS believes it is important as a tool to encourage HE providers to work with students to develop a better experience for all. the measures are based on how well a university is performing in the areas of teaching, learning and student outcomes (progression on to graduate level employment or further study). 

The TEF is currently being reviewed, and a new framework is expected for consultation in autumn 2021. 




The NSS is designed as a measure of student satisfaction. It is managed by the OFS  and gathers students' opinions on the quality of their courses. The OFS expects the NSS to:

  • inform prospective students' choices
  • provide data that supports universities and colleges to improve the student experience
  • support accountability. 

The NSS is currently being reviewed, and a new framework is expected for consultation.