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Course Design Blueprint

University Strategy and Vision

The University of Suffolk Strategy and Vision for 2020 - 2030 sets out our mission to be recognised as an empowering force for individual and community growth and development, regionally, nationally and internationally.

All courses developed and delivered by the University should reflect, as pertinent to their subject and associated vocational and professional contexts, the University's overall ethos and values.  

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

The University's learning, teaching and assessment strategy (LTAS) presents the principles which underpin the high quality academic experience we expect to deliver for all of our students. These state that our learning and teaching will be one which:

  • fosters active learning experiences, supporting students to become independent learners,
  • is inclusive - enabling students to identify themselves in and with their learning and to be able to access learning and assessment with minimal need for additional intervention reasonable adjustment, 
  • is employer engaged and informed - ensuring that our students develop a range of in-demand transferrable skills through their courses and extra / co-curricular activities, 
  • is research informed - both in terms of subject and knowledge, ensuring that the curriculum is also current, but also in terms of the pedagogical approaches used. 


The University has an aligned strategy for the design and delivery of apprenticeship programmes. This strategy highlights specific additional elements, for example the achievement and progression of English and Maths functional ability. This can be read in our Guide Learning Teaching and Assessment for Apprenticeships.