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Applied Sport Reading and Resources List (West Suffolk College): Advanced Training Techniques

Essential Reading

Recommended Reading

Journal Articles

  • Cushion, C. and Jones, R. (2006). ‘Power, discourse, and symbolic violence in professional youth soccer: the case of Albion Football Club’, Sociology of Sport Journal, 23(2), pp. 142-161. Available via summon.
  • Cushion, C. (2007) ‘Modelling the complexity of the coaching process’. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 2(4), pp. 395-401. Available summon
  • D’Arripe-Longueville, F., Fournier, J.F. and Dubois, A. (1998) ‘The perceived effectiveness of interactions between expert French judo coaches and elite female athletes’, The Sports Psychologist, 12(3), pp 317-332. Available via summon
  • Ford, P., Yates, I. and Williams, A. (2010) ‘An analysis of practice activities and instructional behaviours used by youth soccer coaches during practice: exploring the link between science and application’, Journal of Sports Sciences, 28(5), pp. 483-495. Available via summon
  • Jones, R.L., Armour, K.M. and Potrac, P. (2002) ‘Understanding the coaching process: a framework for social analysis’, Quest, 54(1), pp. 34-48. Available via summon
  • Jones, R. L., Armour, K. M. and Potrac, P. (2003) ‘Constructing expert knowledge: a case study of a top-level professional soccer coach’, Sport, Education and Society, 8(2), pp. 213-229. Available via summon
  • Passos, P., Araujo, D., Davids, K. and Shuttleworth, R. (2008) ‘Manipulating constraints to train decision making in rugby union’. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 3(1)  pp.125-140. Available via summon
  • Potrac, P. and Jones, R.L. (2009). ‘Power, conflict, and cooperation: toward a micropolitics of coaching’, Quest, 61(2), pp. 223 -236. Available via summon

Book Catalogue

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Further Reading


  • Coaching psychologist
  • Coaching Youth Sports
  • Gym Coach: Journal of Coaching & Sport Science in Gymnastics
  • International coaching psychology review
  • International Journal of Coaching Science
  • International journal of sports science & coaching
  • ITF coaching and sport science review
  • Journal of sport & exercise psychology
  • Journal of the International Society of Swimming Coaching


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