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Course Design Blueprint: Accessibility


Accessibility focuses on the requirements of the WCAG regulations that form the basis of the government legislation. This section addresses the different elements that are required. We have provided some guidance in the Accessibility Standards.



Accomplished (baseline)


Compliance with governmental accessibility legislation 

Promotion of the ability to use plugins for captions of live streamed video. 

There are no accessibility issues with the module. 

Any of the following accessibility issues are present: 

  • Incorrectly formatted text (usually pasted in from other applications) 

  • Not using headings and other styles in either HTML, doc or pdf files. 

  • Text in an image, which isn’t written in the alternate text 

  • Text written in ALLCAPS. 

  • Use of colour alone to denote meaning 

  • Images lacking alternate text 

  • Poor colour contrast ratio in images or text 

  • Videos lacking transcript or closed captions